Kytola OVAL measuring station measures and monitors the flow rate of circulation lubrication oil. The flow rate is measured with oval gear meters equipped with Kytola coil sensors, Namur or NPN proximity sensors. Sensor type can be selected separately for each channel with jumpers.

Up to 48 measuring points can be connected to one measuring station. Four configuration parameters can be defined for each flow meter:

  • set point (desired value)
  • lower limit alarm
  • upper limit alarm
  • sensor constant
In addition to these, the desired measuring unit (l/min, USGPM, PPM), can be defined.

Kytola OVAL C measuring stations are equipped with serial interfaces (RS-232 and RS-422), which enable it to communicate with Kytola KVMWIN software.

Technical data

Flow meters max. 48 Kytola coil sensors or NAMUR-sensor
Supply voltage 85...264 VAC, 25W
User interface 16-character alphanumeric fluorescent display,
5 function leds,
flow meter -specific ledbars (including 3 LEDs) for each measuring channel,
4 easy-to-use control keys
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